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1491-1519: Treaty of Tordesillas for all countries

All countries — Not random

Shown to all players


  • At least one of the following must occur:
    • Spain owns Les Cayes
    • Spain owns Tortuga
    • Spain owns Barahona
    • Spain owns Puerto Rico
  • At least one of the following must occur:
    • Portugal owns Cape Verde
    • Portugal owns Senegal
    • Portugal owns Louga

Will happen within 30 days of December 31, 1491
Checked again every 30 days until trigger is met (cannot happen after December 31, 1519)


Formalizing the Papal support in the Treaty of Tordesillas, the world west of the Azores was reserved for Spain and the eastern half for Portugal. Eventually they agreed to push the demarcation line to the west of the Cape Verde islands to ensure Portuguese possession of Brazil. Portugal and Spain may now attack and conquer any non-European provinces without having to declare war on their owner.



  • Global flag 0 is set (Enable Treaty of Tordesillas rules.)