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Triggered (1714): The Hannover Dynasty in England for Hanover

Hanover — Not random

Triggered by

Action A of 3038 - The Hanoverian Succession for England


The 1701 Act of Establishment had been voted to regulate the succession to the throne, ensuring no Catholic dynasty would ever rule England. When the personal union with Holland had ended in 1702 (death of William of Orange), his daughter Queen Ann (1702-1714) reigned but failed to provide a legitimate heir. The English crown went to George I of Hanover (1714-1727), her most direct parent. He and his son George II (1727-1760) were German born and would always follow closely the fate of their Electorate, making it in fact if not in law a vassal of England.


A. I will be King of England

  • Gain a royal marriage with England
  • Stability +3