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1451-1500: The Succession in Luxembourg for Luxemburg

Luxemburg — Not random


  • Burgundy exists
  • Country is not at war

Will happen within 0 days of August 2, 1451
Checked again every 0 days until trigger is met (cannot happen after August 3, 1500)


By the Peace of Münster of December 29, 1443, the functions of Philippe the Good which had been allotted to him became effective. He became sovereign on August 3 1451, and Thionville consequently becomes Burgundian grounds. Having acquired the succession rights of the duke Guillaume of Saxony, hereditary sovereign of the duchy, he made the annexation of Luxembourg from which he had gained full sovereignty, on October 18 1462.


A. Let us be a part of Great Burgundy

B. Let the Burgundian monarch become our Duke

C. Let us elect a local Count as Duke