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1500-1501: The Inheritance of Milano for Milan

Milan — Not random


  • Austria exists
  • France exists

Will happen within 0 days of January 2, 1500
Checked again every 0 days until trigger is met (cannot happen after January 2, 1501)


The Duchy of Milan, a fief of the Holy Roman Empire, had become a powerful Condottiere (mercenary) nation under the Sforza family, led by Ludovic Le More (1451-1508). Upon his capture in 1500, the Duchy is open to opposing claims. Louis XII of France is the grandson of Valentine Visconti (great-granddaughter of the first Duke of Milan) and has thus a direct claim. The Emperor has also a claim as suzerain of an Empire fiefdom. The Duchy would end in the Emperor's basket, by force of arms, after the disastrous defeat of the French at Pavia in 1525.


A. Let the Habsburgs Inherit

B. Let the French Inherit

C. Let the Sforzas keep it

  • Stability -2
  • -500 gold
  • -150 relations with Austria
  • -150 relations with France